RARA-AVIS: Re: Which Prather?

From: Donna ( donna.moore@virgin.net)
Date: 20 Jun 2008

Joy wrote:
>> I've got a pile of Richard S. Prathers and a few others.
>> Which should I read first to let me know if I should read the rest?
>> Darling, It's Death
>> Always Leave 'Em Dying
>> Lie Down, Killer
>> Dance with the Dead
>> Over Her Dead Body
>> Dagger of Flesh
>> Case of the Vanishing Beauty
I've never met a Shell Scott book I didn't like. I love the way he gets beaten up, shot at, and hit over the head, and still manages to find the time and the energy to work his way through several hot tomatoes. Manhandled AND womanhandled :o) I love some of the turns of phrase. He's dancing with a particularly hot woman and says "But it was more than just a dance. It was like doing a foxtrot and having your pants pressed at the same time." Perfect.

SMT wrote:
> Of course, it's all terribly sexist if you apply
> today's standards of political correctness. You have to be lenient on
> that. I mean, Shell Scott calls girls "tomatoes"... Terrific writer,
> probably hard to sell to today's readers.
And that's such a shame, because he IS a terrific writer. And, personally, I would LOVE to be called a tomato :o)

Donna (more like a marrow)

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