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From: Patrick King (
Date: 18 Jun 2008

--- On Sun, 6/15/08, Douglas Hoffman <> wrote: The group seemed so excited about Sara Gran, I went out and bought
/Dope/ and /Come Closer/.

These comments are borderline spoilers, so be forewarned.

I loved her writing for both novels -- she has an exquisite voice.
/Dope/ reminded me a bit of /Farewell My Lovely/, so I found the mystery to be a bit too easy to unravel. On the other hand, the fact I figured things out long before the protagonist does make the pun of the title all the more pointed. Also, I loved the ending image.
*************************************************************** I don't see the FAREWELL, MY LOVELY similarity too much. If I were going to compare DOPE to a Chandler novel I'd say THE LITTLE SISTER is a closer fit for the plot. But I also thought that the Chandler comparison undermines Gran's unique style both in plotting the novel and her use of language. As you point out, the title DOPE has a double meaning. I made Jim all right, but I missed the trick ending just as I missed the similar one the first time I read THE LITTLE SISTER. I was very impressed with DOPE. Although plotted like a hard boiled detective story, it's seriously noir in character, atmosphere and plot line. I came to both like and admire Joe Flannigan and I'm sorry there won't be any further adventures.

************************************************************** My thanks to the list for introducing me to a terrific author! Has anyone read /Saturn's Return to New York/ -- which, based on the description over at Amazon, looks like an entirely different kind of novel?

*************************************************************** I echo these sentiments. DOPE is a terrific novel, dark, atmospheric, and most important, thought provoking. I look forward to reading Sara Gran's other works.

Patrick King


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