RARA-AVIS: Re: Welcome to Sara Gran

From: Douglas Hoffman ( azureus@harborside.com)
Date: 15 Jun 2008

The group seemed so excited about Sara Gran, I went out and bought
/Dope/ and /Come Closer/.

These comments are borderline spoilers, so be forewarned.

I loved her writing for both novels -- she has an exquisite voice.
/Dope/ reminded me a bit of /Farewell My Lovely/, so I found the mystery to be a bit too easy to unravel. On the other hand, the fact I figured things out long before the protagonist does make the pun of the title all the more pointed. Also, I loved the ending image.

/Come Closer/ -- wow. I would use the trite phrase "like watching a disaster in slow motion," but even that doesn't capture the feeling. Perhaps it's like watching a disaster in slow motion, one in which you know and love the victim. Very disturbing stuff. Once again, the ending
(especially the last sentence) was stunning.

My thanks to the list for introducing me to a terrific author! Has anyone read /Saturn's Return to New York/ -- which, based on the description over at Amazon, looks like an entirely different kind of novel?


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