Re: RARA-AVIS: James M. Cain and Albert Camus

Date: 14 Jun 2008


I've never seen a primary source on the claim that Postman influenced Stranger, either. I first saw it on the cover of the Vintage reprint of Postman from the late '70s (maybe early '80s), but that could well be ad copy exaggeration.

Madden mentions it in the intro to Tough Guy Writers of the Thirties, but gives no source. Camus's Rebel is quoted in the Hammett essay in the anthology, but this excerpt's discussion of the tough American novels of the '30s and '40s does not contain any specific names. Has anyone read the whole Camus essay? The volume's essay on Cain by Joyce Carol Oates mentions Camus several times, but only in terms of how Cain's characters embody certain traits Camus had written about (in Rebel).

The only reference to Camus in Hoopes's bio of Cain is in a mention of Madden's book helping Cain's literary reputation when it had mostly faded.


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