Re: RARA-AVIS: DOPE (was Woolrich and a couple other recent purchases)

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Date: 13 Jun 2008

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Curious... I use the Ws in the same sequence. Sara Gran will be no doubt pleased that I followed her noir _Dope_ with Wodehouse's _Uncle Fred in the Springtime_. It's a guaranteed upper... as are Westlake's Dortmunder books.

************************************************************************ Yeah, DOPE is intense, isn't it? Gran's writing style has been compared to Raymond Chandler's and I kind of get that linguistically. But her story is closer to Thompson or Woolrich. The intense description of the life-style reminds me a little of Jayne Loader's BETWEEN PICTURES without Loader's humor. Josephine Flannigan is one of the least likely heroines I've encountered but the more I learned about her the more I was drawn into her story. I think it was a very challenging decision to make the protagonist a shoplifter and pickpocket, then slowly give us enough information about her to makes us like her and care about what happens to her. That's one of the hardest things I've seen a writer do, and Gran did it here very successfully.

Patrick King


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