RARA-AVIS: Re: Masked Detectives?

From: Chuck G. ( chgenoe2@prodigy.net)
Date: 13 Jun 2008

You caught me, Richard, and I'm dutifully embarassed. I also collect the Years Best Horror anthologies by both Page and Wagner, so I'll blame it on that. Never mind that the book was two feet away from me when I posted that!

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> > Hello all,
> > This probably not hardboiled, but Baen is reprinting The Spider
> > stories by Gerald W. Page from the 1930s. I just finished the
> > paperback 'Robat Titans of Gotham', and really enjoyed it.
> > Ventrues is also reprinting The Shadow. Are there any other
writers of
> > this type of story that people might recommend?
> >
> I did a double-take on this post. The Spider stories were the
work of
> Norvell W. Page ((1904-1961)under the name Grant Stockbridge, not
> Gerald W. Page, who edited the DAW Best Horror anthologies before
> Wagner took them over. Jerry Page would probably be flattered by
> mixup as he is a member of the PulpMags Yahoo list that I also
belong to.
> Not to give you a hard time as I am always doing this "almost but
> quite" type mixup. One I've made several times (at least twice on
> this list) is to refer to the Gold Medal novelist Gil Brewer
as "Gay
> Brewer." I blame that on my time as a newspaper sportswriter back
> when Gay Brewer was one of the top golfers in the PGA.
> Richard Moore

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