Re: RARA-AVIS: Arts as they mature

From: John Armstrong (
Date: 12 Jun 2008

-- hard to reckon that while the The Bachelor, Who Wants to marry a Millionaire Farmer et al are hits things like the Sopranos, The Wire and a few others are also popular, although to lesser extent. The Wire came close to cancellation but made it to the end of its planned run. (Hard to think - to early in the a.m.) Perhaps its like society - the middle class is disappearing. It's either crap or diamonds. It's a strange age ...

I think maybe that's at the root of Sturgeon's law; the 90 per-cent of crap and the large amount that's popular enough to turn a good profit, help pay for the elite 10 per-cent, so long as it comes close to breaking even. Someone else could likely say this more elegantly. Need coffee

> Sophistication can't be braked, but it does tend to lose the mass
> audience, even when it can gather at least a sizable minority of the
> surviving audience...hence tendencies to gamble on complex and
> nuanced work, along with some ever crasser (along with, on average,
> the best set of television drama the US, at least, has seen has been
> a complement of the most ridiculous, degrading set of game shows
> we've ever been plagued with, for obvious example, and fake cinema
> verite series).
> Todd Mason

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