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From: John Armstrong (
Date: 10 Jun 2008

Underground Seattle was the setting for one of the original Nightstalker movies - the 2nd one? As an aside, there's a nice episode of Tales form the Darkside with darren McGavin as a more or less forgotten actor who, many years earlier, had starred as a PI. An alien pays him to revisit the role and film and ending to the series. Sweet little story and McGavin is always good. The episode name is Distant Signals, IIRC. wrote:
> Kat wrote:
> "I thought Poltergeist was smoother (but being the author I'm not
> objective), but it's more of a PI story than Greywalker, so it caught
> some flak from the Fantasy and Romance readers. I assume that won't
> bother you any, though. ;)"
> No, that wouldn't bother me at all.
> And I see that your upcoming third deals with Seattle's Underground. At
> I understand it, newer Seattle was literally built on top of Old
> Seattle. What happened, the water table rose? Anyway, this seems like
> a perfect setting for a series that deals with overlapping dimensions.
> I'm trying to think of where else I've read about the Underground. I
> think it was probably a Richard Hoyt book that introduced me to it. I
> really liked his PI books, but I kind of lost track of him after reading
> a few of his later espionage books. I think I also read a comic set
> there. A Green Lantern? Possibly one by Mike Grell?
> Mark

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