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Date: 10 Jun 2008

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> > Sturgeon was the first and most obvious model for Ray Bradbury,
> > also was fond of such things.

> > Is "lurid" the word you'd use to describe Sturgeon, Mario? Even
> > when blatant, I'm not sure I'd go with "lurid."
> I think so. Or at least in Technicolor. You're right about
Bradbury. I
> keep his books handy and occasionally, late at night, I read a
> The other day I read that great one about Hemingway's parrot.
> Terrific. And the one about the icecream suit gives me the shivers
> every time I read it. Sturgeon and Bradbury have a very similar
> on me, though I had never pondered influences until today.
> They teach Bradbury but they don't teach Sturgeon -- an injustice
> Sturgeon.

And to the students. If anything, Bradbury is much more prone to the lurid...and Sturgeon to the profound.

Sturgeon's hardboiled horror: "A Way of Thinking," You've been warned.

Todd Mason

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