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Date: 10 Jun 2008

Thanks Kat - I'll look for Shetterly.

BTW, M W Wellman's name came up in a recent post and that got me on - don't ask how my brain works - a jag about three-name authors and pulp, and the first that came to mine was Robert Leslie Bellem. I thought his stuff was dreadful, but it had an outrageous, over-the-top charm regardless. At least it did 30 years ago, when I last read any of his stories.

Kat Richardson wrote:
> Well, damn, Mark, thanks. Glad you liked it, warts and all (yeah, on
> re-reading, it could have used another editorial pass, but there's
> only so much time in the schedule.)
> I'd have to second the list at Keven's site--very useful--and the
> recommendations Todd made. ANNO DRACULA and GHOST BREAKER are a lot
> of fun (though sometimes you have to keep your tongue in your cheek
> with Mr. Goulart....) FALLING ANGEL is extraordinary--worth a look.
> Lilith Saintcrow (weirdly, that's her real name--her parents have much
> to answer for...) is probably too Fantasy and outrageous for a real
> hardboiled fan. They are boiled to a moderate hardness, but they
> definitely have more of the Fantasy/SF conventions and a slice of
> romance that may turn some harder core readers off. Jim Butcher's
> books are fun, light reading, though the later ones get more hardboiled.
> A book that doesn't make most people's list, but should, is Will
> Shetterly's Fantasy/SF/PI novel CHIMERA--a story of racism in a future
> Los Angeles where the half-animal hybrid Chimeras are treated like
> animals, though most are as human as anyone else. Enter a
> down-on-his-luck PI with a case of bad guys on his tail, mix in a
> Chimera girl (half cheetah) with a problem and on the run, and the
> gritty world of Los Angeles on the cusp of apocalypse goes to hell in
> a big way. Think GUN MONKEYS with cheetah girl and you'll be on the
> right track.
> Anyhow, that's my 2+cents.
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> > I finished Kat Richardson's Greywalker last night. I liked it quite a
> > bit....
> <snippery for brevity>
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> > But I'm not very familiar with horror and/or fantasy books, so I was
> > wondering if there are any other recommended series where an
> > investigator works on both sides of these mean streets? For example, I
> > saw a series by Lilith Saintcross (gee, wonder if that's a pseudonym)
> > featuring Dante Valentine, the Devil's bounty hunter. They have really
> > cool covers, but I seem to remember the recently departed Bo Diddley
> > warning me about judging a book by its cover. Are they any good? Any
> > other recommendations?
> >
> > Mark
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