RE: RARA-AVIS: Severance Package review

Date: 09 Jun 2008

Ron wrote:

"SEVERANCE PACKAGE was right up there with last year's THE BLONDE
(though in a more over-the-top vein than the earlier book) . . ."

More over the top than The Blonde, with its mad scientist, deadly nanobytes, sybarites, etc? Wow.

"I finally picked up SECRET DEAD MEN a week or so ago, and have it in my To-Be-Read pile...looking forward to that one."

This one is very different from Duane's later tight thrillers, kind of weird, crossing crime with PK Dickish ideas. I was a little bit disappointed, thought it kind of got away from him, but I know others think highly of it. I still picked up Wheelman when it came out, though. Of course, I am a caper freak.


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