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Date: 08 Jun 2008

I'm a lurker here....also a writer of various things, comics and articles mostly...

but being an old fan of Encyclopedia Brown (led by this fanship to seek out joe and frank, nancy, and even sherlock) I might try my hand at this after some research...if other more qualified types do not choose to.

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  Karin wrote:

> Bobbseys to Bruens by way of Christie and Keene: Memoirs of a Woman
> Noir-Lover
> I'll bet a lot of us could imagine writing that article/dissertation/
> book.

  And I wrote:

> "If someone wants to write it, I'm willing to publish it on my site.
> I've always considered the Bobbseys, the Boys, Nancy Drew and the
> Three
> Investigators (and now Chet Gecko) as gateway drugs."

  And then Mark wrote:

> Although I did read a few Hardy Boys books (but most prized their
> investigation manual), it was Encyclopedia Brown and Emil and the
> Detectives that started me. Then my father gave me the Complete
> Sherlock Holmes in two volumes. Read some Christies, but finally found
> my home when I read The Long Goodbye.

  The offer still stands. If anyone around here wants to do an overview
  of crime and mystery books for kids and how they lead them here, I'd
  love to run it. Or if someone wants to champion one of their early
  childhood favourites that I've missed (or expand upon those I've
  listed), that would be good too. Just contact me privately.

  I'm sure for most of us who have read all our lives, the first crime
  or detective novel we read wasn't I, THE JURY or THE BIG SLEEP or
  some stone cold hard-boiled classic... and to tell the truth, I'd be
  dubious about any claims that they were.

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