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Date: 04 Jun 2008

Interesting how different people see/read things in such different ways. I loved the book, but didn't find it particularly funny or notice any overt humor. Some of it was admittedly over the top toward the end, but I didn't get the impression that the author's intent was to amuse.

Ron C.

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> I meant to say something after finishing Robbie's Wife. I was prepared to
> stick it out, but to what end I knew not. It's true that not much happens
> for almost 2/3s of the book, but you realize much sooner than that the
> is actually a very clever black comedy. The humor is English, very subtle
> and very dry. When some of the list members said it really takes off I
> assumed they meant action, but they were obviously talking about the
> There were parts near the end where I was laughing out loud--think Alfie
> Precious (is that a great stereotype of a British name by an American
> writer, or what).
> Jeff
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