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Date: 03 Jun 2008

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 Because they don't feel badly about
> doing wrong, there is no internal punishment, and
> therefore these individuals do ignore society's
> rules when it suits them to do so. They have nothing
> to lose by manipulating and depriving others, and
> everything to gain.
> Before we had access to MRI studies?with these
> populations, I used to say that they?were "missing
> parts you can't get spares for..". In fact, I used
> that in one or two of my books. I didn't realize at
> the time, however, just how accurate that statement
> was.
***************************************************** Very interesting, Richard. The questions I have, are these problems always hereditary or are they created by experiences? Does the brain change over time due to mental and physical abuse? Many well-known criminals, while not all from deprived circumstances, suffered unusual abuse during infancy and childhood. Not all people who suffer childhood abuse become criminals, but nearly all suffer some sort of personality disorder. Does the amygdala become altered due to experience? Can a child in danger of sociopathy or psychosis be helped if recognized early?

High self-esteem allows the individual to recognize personal strengths while acknowledging and admiring strengths in others.

Narcissism is a chronic drive that places the sufferer above everyone else, insisting on leading even in circumstances where the narcissist is less capable. I suspect narcissists are made, not born. What is your opinion?

Bringing this conversation back to topic, would you agree that the villains in THE MALTESE FALCON all have different types of psychotic personality diorders?

Patrick King


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