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Date: 03 Jun 2008

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> > The unwillingness of society at large to recognize
> > that criminal activity is a mental illness is at
> the
> > forefront of its proliferation.
> >
> if you define narcissism as mental illness, ok.
> but refusing to play by
> society's rules for one's own benefit isn't
> necessarily mental illness. it's a
> choice made by free-willed men and women
**************************************************** Narcissism is the common link between psychotics and sociopaths according to Roy Hazelwood in his book, THE EVIL THAT MEN DO. "Society's rules" are the common laws that people agree on, and yes, I think that people who break them especially for quick "gain" are disassociated and should get treatment as early as those signs appear in them. Ask most police officers about "career criminals" and they'll tell you, for such people crime is a knee-jerk reaction. When opportunity presents itself these people commit crime. Free will is not a factor. There are, of course,
"crusaders" who break society's rules because the believe them unjust. The current polygamist fight in Texas comes to mind. In the recent past gay rights activists, abortionists, movements to legalize certain substances deliberately broke rules in order to change them. The fact that the spearhead of these groups may be unselfish and well-intentioned does not preclude mental illness.

Patrick King


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