Re: RARA-AVIS: Sara Gran's _Dope_

From: Allan Guthrie (
Date: 31 May 2008

COME CLOSER is a bullet and it'll blow you away as soon as look at you. When reading it, you should probably wear Kevlar. I'd also chalk a pentagram on the floor and sit inside it for protection, just in case.


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> Excellent novel, very dark, slender and tough prose... if her work
> continues on this level,
> we may have a classic in the making. Highly recommendable, especially for
> noir fans. I
> have not read her other two novels, but now I am eager to.
> If somebody knows the author and wants to invite her to the list, please
> go ahead --
> unless Sara is already here (I can't keep track of our membership, with
> more than 600 and
> growing...).
> Best,
> mrt

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