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Date: 29 May 2008

I would like to complete what Todd Mason explained about giallo novels. In fact I do not know much about the films discussed as a category in that thread, but I can confirm about Italian giallo as books: the name "giallo" is a generic name to designate in Italy the detective and crime novels. It came indeed from the yellow color of the covers of a famous local imprint having also Gialli Mandador as name (Mandadori being one of the major Italian publishers; gialli= yellows) and specialized in this lit. long ago (1929). So, in Italy, the word giallio** tends to cover any kind of crime novel. In France it will be "roman policier" that became "polar⦱uot; during the seventies In Germany they are known as krimis** For the Dutch: misdaad roman⮠etc
(**)indicating names created by the colloquial language
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--- En date Mer 28.5.08, foxbrick In rara-avis-l@ yahoogroups. com, "William" <smilliam.wiff@ ...> wrote:
> The blog
> http://groovyageofh orror.blogspot. com/
> does a lot of fumetti scans.

Yes, a Finn going by Jaako runs a few panels of the lunatic Italian comix (the drawn kind, rather than the photos with dialog balloons that were the first to have the "fumetti" tag in America) and describes the stories in English. It's a Very Cosmopolitan experience.

> Also (though I'm not sure which titles) I understand that some of
> Edgar Wallace's "Krimmis" were an influence on the filmed giallo.

Yes, the krimis, films based on Wallace's often lunatic novels, were influential on giallo films, even as Wallace's novels were influential on the Italian novels published in yello (giallo) jackets that lent their collective name to the films.

Contrast the Serie Noire and our favorite films onlinst, and so on...

Todd Mason


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