Re: RARA-AVIS: There Will Be Blood

Date: 28 May 2008

Dave wrote:

"The only movie of theirs [Coens] I didn't like was No Country. That one left me wondering why I wasted the time and money."

You liked The Ladykillers?

Personally, I far preferred No Country to Blood. There were things I liked about Blood (mostly what Kevin said, particularly the score and cinematography), but I found ti too long and too overbearing (not surprising from an Upton Sinclair novel, based on my long ago reading of The Jungle), and although Lewis was good in the role, I found the character uninvolving. Frankly, I'd have been interested in more on the preacher and his fall.

Of the nominees, somewhat to my surprise since I had so little initial interest in it, I also preferred Michael Clayton to Blood. However, in my opinion, both Before the Devil Knows You're Dead and, especially, Eastern Promises were better than any of the nominated films.


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