RARA-AVIS: Sleeping Dogs-Ed Gorman

From: Nathan Cain ( IndieCrime@gmail.com)
Date: 27 May 2008

I read Ed Gorman's new novel over the holiday weekend, and I found it to be quite entertaining. It's a political thriller, but not in the
"Oh my God! Terrorists are trying to kill the President!" sense. (It's hard to get worked up over those sort of thrillers because the position of vice president exists because the Founding Fathers, in their great wisdom, realized that a lot of people would probably want to kill the president at any given time.) Gorman's novel is about the real, very unglamorous world of campaigning, and the people who do it from the candidates on down. It's quite believable and well paced, and even the minor characters end up being complex and well rounded. I bought this book because of strong recommendations on a few blogs, and I was not disappointed.

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