RARA-AVIS: Re: An Andy Rooney Moment

From: blumenidiot ( blumenidiot@yahoo.com)
Date: 25 May 2008

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> Some of my favourite detective fiction is pretty softboiled. Has
> anyone read the Boruvka stories of Josef Skvorecky? Sublime stuff.
> (Skvorecky, incidentally, translated Chandler into Czech, so he knows
> a thing or two about genre. 'Miss Silver's Past' and 'The Miracle
> Game', while both very literary works--Nobel prize-winning territory
> as far as I'm concerned--are at heart (or should that be in the
> stomach?) detective thrillers.
> And as for hardboiled--it crops up in Alfred Bester's sci-fi all the
> time. If you ignore the trappings of robots and space ships and such,
> what you're really reading is a punchy, pacey Hammettesque thriller.
THESTARS MY DESTINATION is a variation of THE COUNT OF MONTE CRISTO and is a Of course THE DEMOLISHED MAN could be compared with CRIME AND PUNISHMENT. Some of his short stories could be considered variations of hard boiled or noir. Mark Mark

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