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From: Nathan Cain (
Date: 25 May 2008

I think the problem with your definition of psychosis is that it fits everyone.

On Sun, May 25, 2008 at 12:12 PM, Patrick King <> wrote:
> --- Nathan Cain <> wrote:
>> People lie all the time when they rear the
>> consequences of the truth.
>> If that makes someone crazy then we're all nuts.
>> Even little children
>> lie. Psychotics exhibit symptoms like hallucinations
>> and thought
>> disorders. A psychotic doesn't think she's lying,
>> and there's the big
>> difference. Brigid doesn't see things that aren't
>> there, and her
>> actions, to me, seems more Machiavellian than they
>> do crazy. She's
>> playing for keeps, and she has an ends justify the
>> means philosophy.
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> As with all diseases, there are varying degrees of
> psychosis. Hallucinations are not a required symptom
> of psychosis. Even among the famous psychotics who
> claimed hallucinations like David Berkowitz, the
> claims are questionable. Psychosis implys a world view
> altered from that generally accepted. The brother who
> thought he was Teddy Roosevelt in ARSNIC AND OLD LACE
> was psychotic. The belief that there is a "dingus"
> handed down from the Knights of Malta, encrusted in
> jewels covered with lacquer, is fanciful. Killing
> people to get hold of it, is psychotic.
> Most children and even more teenagers display at some
> point or other behaviors that can be classifieded as
> psychotic. This is why, in civilized states, children
> are not tried by the same requirements adults are. The
> belief in Santa Clause or a world where Santa
> Clause-like beings exist is psychotic. Very
> intelligent children never really buy into it. Most
> people grow out of it. Most religious beliefs, having
> no empirical evidence to back them up, represent a
> shared psychosis which is why religions are so
> dangerous.
> The Machivellian world view is largely a psychotic
> one. In modern usage, it's Machivellian to take your
> boss out to dinner regularly and buy him gifts. It's
> psychotic to encourage him to sleep with your wife or
> murder him to gain his job.
> Ted Bundy was a psychotic. His psychosis made it
> impossible for him to attain sexual gratification with
> living women. In order for him to have dead women to
> have sex with, he found it most expedient to kill them
> himself. He didn't have hallucinations. In fact he was
> pretty shrewd. It was the belief that he could only
> achieve pleasure with the dead that drove him crazy.
> Patrick King

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