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Date: 22 May 2008

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> Scarlett lived in a misogynist
> society. but while we're breaking rocks here, I'd
> suggest it were the SLAVES
> she owned who were the truly oppressed
****************************************************** Both the slaves AND the women were "oppressed." That's clearly Mitchell's point. Scarlett's mother, Ellen, was the midwife for slaves and poor whites alike but she had nothing like the social standing in the community allotted to her alcoholic husband who won their plantation in a poker game. In the meantime, the plantation was actually run by Big Sam. This was a way of life which was a terrible error when it was first embarked upon. Anyone with foresight would have seen how it would turn out. But none of us with out two-hundred year vantage point, are fit to judge those people who lived it. One could argue that slavery with food, shelter and clothes thrown in is a better deal than $5.50 per hour minimum wage and you figure out how to pay $4 a gallon to get to work. Change is mostly cosmetic.

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