RARA-AVIS: Re: Willeford question

From: Richard Moore ( moorich@aol.com)
Date: 15 May 2008

In Allen Hubin's usually very accurate massive bibliography CRIME FICTION IV, Pauline C(Coggeshall) Smith (1908-1994) is listed as the author of two novels CARNAL GREED (Newstand Library 1960) and NOTHING BUT BLOOD (Chicago Paperback House 1962).

Hubin does not indicate she was a penname of Robert A. Arthur, radio producer and writer for programs such as "The Mysterious Traveler" and "Murder by Experts", both of which won MWA Edgars. He was also ghost editor for many of the Alfred Hitchcock anthologies and the author of many fine short stories himself. By the way, a few years ago I discovered a truly fine writer by the name of Elizabeth Arthur and only belatedly learned that she was the daughter of Robert A. Arthur.

Pauline C. Smith did have many stories in the mystery digests. She may have also had other novels published (sleeze and otherwise) but Hubin only covers crime fiction.
   Richard Moore

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> In the archives there is a post from 2001 which says she was
> C. Smith, 1908-94. And I have a bibliography which says the name
> one of the bylines of Robert Arthur, 1909-69. Does anyone know
> correct?
> And is the crime writer the same Pauline C. Smith who wrote some
> sleaze titles?
> John
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> > > (And how are the other books by Chicago Paperback House? They
> > at least
> > > one title Pauline C. Smith who had lots of stories in AHMM and
> EQMM.)
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> > I once heard that Pauline C. Smith was in fact Emerson LaSalle in
> > literary drag. Is there any basis to this?
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> > Best,
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> > mrt
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