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Date: 13 May 2008

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But why I really posted was to comment on your new alias -- Dave
> "Mildly-Peeved Dog" Zeltserman. If you will forgive my excerable pun
> -- I think it's a great nomme d'grrrr!
thanks, I figured I'd follow Ellroy's lead, and since "Mad Dog" was already taken--and after selling a bunch of books to Serpent's Tail, the best I can achieve these days is mild peevishness (and even that takes work now!), it seemed about the best I could come up with in the "angry/upset" dog category.

-- Dave "Mildly-Peeved Dog" Zeltserman

Dave is really a sweetheart, as are 99.9% of the noir writers I've met, including Ellroy, but don't tell any of them that I let out the news! Vicki

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