Re: RARA-AVIS: Frank Kane/Johnny Liddell

From: Mark Francis (
Date: 13 May 2008

I've only read a couple, but I rather enjoyed them. A little over
  the top in the Spillane manner, lots of machine guns. But the
  writing was strong, moved well with good humor and an actual
  plot. I was unaware there were so many, although I'm glad to hear
  it, at least to know I can read a couple more, if not 25.
  The one I have at hand that I read is "Bullet Proof" and it was decent,
  although I don't know how well it stacks up against the others.

"Rachels, David" <> wrote:
           I recently purchased on the super-duper-cheap 27 (!) Johnny Liddell novels written by Frank Kane. Secondary sources lead me to believe that they are probably not very good, but I still want to give one or two a try, which leads me to my question: Does anyone have a favorite Frank Kane novel? If so, chances are I have it, and I would hate to choose one to read (at random) that is really bad if there is a much better one to be sampled.


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