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Date: 12 May 2008

Thanks for this info...very very interesting... Steve Novak

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> Indeed. A perfect adequation between the script and the artwork is
> essential for comics/graphic novels to work and appeal to fans and non
> fans of the medium. I personally like to peruse or leaf through
> graphic novels, reading them kinda sideways, shuttling lazily back and
> forth, resting on particularly stong panels. Being an artist myself, I
> like to pick the mind of the graphic artist at work, asking myself
> about his intentions in the cutiing, the framing, the lighting, etc.
> Just like you writers on this list who are so able at deconstructing
> the writing process of authors. In the 70's and 80's, self-indulgent
> artwork became the norm, with a large proportion being total crap; and
> I remember buying some only because of the art, not bothering to read
> them. The new generation of graphic novels authors is sometimes of the
> highest caliber. One of my favorites chooses to have wordless books,
> with oustanding artwork, which should satisfy listers who seem to be
> intimidated and unable to read a graphic novel. I am talking about
> Thomas Ott, a Swiss veteran, whose work is now published in this
> country by Fantagraphics Books. I recommend "Cinema Panopticum", and
> not only because it is both noir and drawn in black & white.
> jean-pierre jacquet

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