Re: RARA-AVIS: Blast of Silence

From: Edward Pettit (
Date: 09 May 2008

Gonzalo Baezawrote:
>Has anyone seen this movie? What a little noir gem.
  Yes. Had the pleasure of seeing Blast in a theatre during NoirCon in Philly last month. Mike White and Eddie Muller introduced it along with Muller's short film, The Grand Inquisitor.
  For those who haven't seen Blast, it contains a second person narration ("You walk the streets," etc) that sounds as if it's the conscience or psyche of the lead character, a hit man stalking his prey on the streets of NYC at Christmastime. It's shocking, and funny at times. Baeza's right, it's a real gem. And it's as noir as they come.
  I'm looking forward to getting the DVD so I can watch the docu and listen to the commentary. Mike White has a short review here:
  and here's the trailer (the narration on the trailer is not from the film):
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