RARA-AVIS: Re: Frank Kane/Johnny Liddell

From: jacquesdebierue ( jacquesdebierue@yahoo.com)
Date: 09 May 2008

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> I recently purchased on the super-duper-cheap 27 (!) Johnny Liddell
novels written by Frank Kane. Secondary sources lead me to believe that they are probably not very good, but I still want to give one or two a try, which leads me to my question: Does anyone have a favorite Frank Kane novel? If so, chances are I have it, and I would hate to choose one to read (at random) that is really bad if there is a much better one to be sampled.

I've read some of those and my memory is that they are competently written but not terribly original. Someone who has read Kane more recently should comment, though. Hack or not, I wouldn't want to be unfair to Kane. What if tomorrow I rediscover Kane and he turns out to have gotten waaay better? This happened to me with Gil Brewer, for example.



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