Re: RARA-AVIS: Sin Pit

From: Jeff Vorzimmer (
Date: 08 May 2008

> Personally, I was disappointed in "Sin Pit," and would not recommend
> it. Try "Bodies Are Dust," first.

I take it that these two novels are lumped together because they were both published by Lion in the early 50s, though Bodies are Dust originally came out in 1931. That being said, they are very different novels and can't really be compared on the same terms any more than, say, a Dashiell Hammett novel can be compared to a Gil Brewer novel. Sin Pit is a short, fast-moving novel in the vein of Brewer, Williams and Whittington. Bodies are Dust is more like Red Harvest, Fast One and Little Caesar--novels that were contemporary to it. That being said, I enjoyed Sin Pit and would probably recommend it over Bodies and, of course, it's easier to get a copy of it.

Those few on the list who have actually read Bodies are Dust, please feel free to jump into this discussion.


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