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Date: 06 May 2008

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> I must admit I have yet to read Ellroy's newer
> stuff. More so because his
> change in attitude bothered me, others have
> mentioned his slide into pity me
> attitude, while I have noticed a rather hard right
> turn in his writing of
> late(magazine pieces he has written or were written
> about him).
> Some one mentioned he seems to have stayed in to
> racism.
> Can anyone expand on that?
**************************************************** If you read MY DARK PLACES he was deeply involved in extreme right wing politics at a time in Los Angeles when it was seriously out of vogue. He has this side to him. I think he's been smart enough to keep it out of his work for the most part. But can anyone keep anthing out of their art that is really a part of them? Personally, I don't read authors for their political pov. I love Sjl and Wahlust as much as I do Ian Fleming and Howard Hunt. As long as the writer's interests add depth to the story, I'm down with it. Unlike Willeford and Leonard, Ellroy does not bring a great sense of humor to his work. I don't see his art as 'pity me' so much as he's using it to discover the depth of his own anguish. Personally, I'm along for the ride for the long run. I can see where it might be too deep and too dark for someone looking for an escapist read. I'm among those who believes Ellroy is moving noir/hardboiled into literature. His work is probably already being taught in colleges. As a stylist Ellroy has a lot of guts and his lifestyle has left him with something significant to say. Among the living he's at the top of the ladder and a place is already made for him among the sanctified dead.

Patrick King

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