RARA-AVIS: Comics opinion

From: Rick Ollerman ( rick@ollerman.com)
Date: 04 May 2008

When I said that the manga style in comics was "crap," I said that it was "my opinion." The assertion I was trying to make was that aside from the story, aside from the subject, the characters, and the pacing, the art in and of itself can be affect the enjoyment of reading a graphic novel.

A black and white or color movie is still a movie where people look like people. A surprised expression isn't portrayed by suddenly expanding eyes to the size of dinner plates or mouths big enough to store bowling balls. In comics, the art can keep one from enjoying the story and indeed, as many people have told me, has been the primary reason they've given up on certain books in the past. When people don't look like people, even idealized ones, it's often difficult to stay in a serious story, especially a crime one.

So I don't think it's an illogical or incorrect point that I was making although some may find the word "crap" a bit inflammatory. If anyone cared enough to do a then-and-now type comparison, Steranko did a Chandleresque digest sized comic in the seventies or eighties that's still around on used sites. It's an excellent example of a serious comic in a serious style (if my memory hasn't failed).

Anyway, this is straying a bit too far off topic for the list, I think maybe, so I'll be happily done now.

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