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Date: 01 May 2008

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> David makes a good point. Even when it comes to similar hardboiled
> novels I find I have strange quirks. I will happily pick up an Italian
> noir (may I recommend Carafiglio while I'm here) or a French noir but
> a book set in Spain for some reason doesn't seem all that appealling.
> Totally irrational, I know (and I'm open to suggestions on which
> Spanish noir stands out from the crowd -- just to undermine my own
> thesis)... but there you go.

I forgot to mention E. Sanchez Abuli, whose TORPEDO 1936 is as hardboiled as it gets

the movie A HISTORY OF VIOLENCE is based on a very grisly graphic novel by John Wagner

and speaking of movies, I had trouble finding my copy of ROAD TO PERDITION by Max Allan Collins because I had it filed in my crime fiction shelves rather than with my comics and graphic novels

John Lau

John Lau

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