RARA-AVIS: Re: Graphic Novels/Snobbery

From: ssshapir ( ssshapir@yahoo.com)
Date: 01 May 2008

> Just because Penzler says he doesn't read it doesn't necessarily mean
> that he looks down on it (though he may very well). Speaking for
> myself, 80% of the crime fiction I read was published before 1970, and I
> read graphic novels only occasionally. And it's not that I dislike
> graphic novels or books published after 1970-it's just that I have only
> so many hours in the day to read (and only so many days left in my
> lifetime), and I know, in general, all other things being equal, that I
> am more likely to enjoy a crime novel published in 1955 than 1985, and I
> am more likely to enjoy a conventional novel than a graphic novel. But
> this is largely a matter of personal taste.

David makes a good point. Even when it comes to similar hardboiled novels I find I have strange quirks. I will happily pick up an Italian noir (may I recommend Carafiglio while I'm here) or a French noir but a book set in Spain for some reason doesn't seem all that appealling. Totally irrational, I know (and I'm open to suggestions on which Spanish noir stands out from the crowd -- just to undermine my own thesis)... but there you go.

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