Re: RARA-AVIS: Just read Perchance to Dream

From: Patrick King (
Date: 30 Apr 2008

--- wrote:
 However, I really didn't
> understand the point of the direct quotes from the
> Big Sleep mixed in the novel and pointedly all in
> italics. All they seemed to do is show that Robert
> Parker isn't Raymond Chandler.
******************************************************* Well, it certainly filled up some pages, didn't it? A lot easier than trying to write like Chandler! I felt so ripped off after reading that book. I don't think any other writer who picked up an author's franchise ever pulled such a chintzy trick to avoid actually doing some work. I'd have vastly preferred to re-read THE BIG SLEEP. I wondered at the time why I was able to pick up a new hard cover copy for .99. Now I know. Had I known before I bought it, I'd have saved the

The publisher obviously figured they'd sell a bizzillion copies to all Chandler fans AND all Parker fans. And the strategy might have worked, too... if the product didn't completely suck.

Patrick King

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