RARA-AVIS: Re:Hit Parade

From: jacquesdebierue ( jacquesdebierue@yahoo.com)
Date: 28 Apr 2008

--- In rara-avis-l@yahoogroups.com, Rob Kantner <rob@...> wrote:
> Block has always been a moving target for me, but one thing I'm
> convinced of is, he stays rigorously true to whatever vision he has for
> a work, even though that vision may not work for everyone. I've read
> Parade and I'm reading Hit List now. I find the former more satisfying
> than the latter, so far. I think it's Block having fun with acid tongue
> in cheek; if you read them for realism you ain't gonna come away happy.
> For me these are confections / diversions with some damn impressive
> twists and turns built in -- for me, pleasant mini-vacations from the
> historical works to which most of my discretionary reading time is

I had trouble focusing. The characters of Keller and Dot did not come into focus any way I looked at them. Also, I didn't find the stories all that funny. I had had the same problem with Hit Man, but it got worse in Hit Parade. Maybe Keller will strangle Dot in the next adventure and really go apeshit. That would be interesting. As it is, the guy doesn't even make enemies.



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