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Date: 24 Apr 2008

Chandler Hammett Ross Macdonald Richard Stark Charles Willeford John D MacDonald (for Travis McGee; don't know how I'd take it now, but it was just the right series at just the right time) James Sallis Ted Lewis Derek Raymond David Goodis Ken Bruen Chester Himes JP Manchette Jack O'Connell John Evans (Howard Browne) Jim Thompson (though I need to read more) James Crumley (for Last God Kiss and Dancing Bear) Ian Rankin Michael Connelly Lawrence Block Elmore Leonard (another I no longer read, but his classics, wow) Joe Gores Benjamin M Schutz Joe Lansdale (for Hap and Leonard, need to read more of his standalones) Wade Miller

Bubbling under:

Russell James, John Milne, Don Winslow, Leo Malet, Charlie Huston, along with lis members: Guthrie, Zeltserman, Swierczynski, Starr and Lankford

Need to read more of:

Donald Goines, Day Keene, Gil Brewer, Donald Hamilton, Claude Izzo, Charles and Charlie Williams, Thomas Cook, Simenon's standalones, Kents Harrington and Anderson (haven't read at all, but need to)


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