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From: shadowkobun ( shadowkobun@yahoo.com)
Date: 22 Apr 2008

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> > Hi!
> > Anyone read any of Black Lizard's Big Book Of Pulp?
> > I just got it at the library. It looks like it's a Great book!
> > It's big too! Almost 1200 pages! I must own it!
> >
> Yes, fantastic. I have a review coming. Very well chosen, strong
> representation of the Black Mask heavyweights and an intriguing
> of obscure writers. If you're a fan, plonk down your $25 for your
> copy and have fun for years to come (short stories, especially pulp
> stories, are far more rereadable than novels).
> Speaking of collections, I unearthed one called Tough Guys and
> Dangerous Dames, published by Barnes & Noble in the nineties. I am
> rereading it and it has very good stuff, including a totally crazy
> story by Donald Wandrei called The Lunatic Plague. Wandrei makes
> Bellem look sane!
> Best,
> mrt
>Hi! Thanks,mrt! I have Tough Guys and Dangerous Dames,too. You're
right some interesting stories,in it! I'm always interested in rare,and hard to find,writers. Thanks,Again!

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