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Date: 21 Apr 2008

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> Christie wrote great plots, though. And remember
> that the list of 50
> best was for mystery writers in general, not just
> hardboiled or noir.
> About Hillerman, I realize I haven't read that much
> by him. Probably
> four or five novels, which were good but didn't
> leave much of a sediment.
****************************************************** TEN LITTLE INDIANS was an intriguing plot, which she used again about five times. Do you rember the plot to MURDER IN THE VICARAGE? THE BIG FOUR? MURDER IN MESOPOTAMIA? I read them all. I can't remember them. I remember MURDER ON THE ORIENT EXPRESS but probably as much from the awful movie as from the awful book.

Hillerman I remember clearly. He has a wonderfully eerie way of building suspense. His characters are likable without having to agree with everything they do. His subplots move gracefully throughout his novels and tie them together without being interruptive so you can jump in the middle and enjoy a book for itself. I like Hillerman's lack of sentimentality. He's usually able to trick me into missing the murderer, which most mystery writers can't do anymore. I enjoy Lehane, but I always see where his plots are going. Except SHUTTER ISLAND. That was a surprise all right!

Patrick King

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