From: Mark R. Harris ( brokerharris@gmail.com)
Date: 20 Apr 2008

Anyone who hasn't read Joe Gores's Interface shouldn't read further here.


OK. I read Interface knowing there was a "twist ending" (it's flagged by Bill Pronzini and Marcia Muller in 1001 Midnights), and I did guess what the ending was. My question is, has anyone analyzed the novel (a la the movie The Sixth Sense) to see if the sequence of events and movements is 100% consistent with the eventual twist? I mean, I trust the author and all, but it seems that this would be interesting analysis to do (albeit involving some intensive work).

I think that what keeps this novel from the upper echelon for me is Gores's prose, which, to be frank, ain't too elegant. That's not everything in a novel -- I admire the famously clumsy Theodore Dreiser, for example -- but in a novel of motion, the movements need to be more adroitly described than, say, this:

"[The car] went past, on toward the next intersecting lane down the garage which was parallel to that which was sawhorsed."

That's not an unfair sample, either. The novel is full of sentences like that.


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