RARA-AVIS: Re: Richard Stark's Parker books being reprinted

From: blumenidiot ( blumenidiot@yahoo.com)
Date: 15 Apr 2008

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> My apologies if this has already been discussed... burning candles at
> both ends hasn't even allowed me much time to lurk.
> University of Chicago Press has plans to reprint ALL of Richard
> Stark's Parker novels, publishing 3 per season... the first three
> fall, the next in the spring. I contacted several people at UC (and
> they could not have been nicer!) and stressed the importance of
> sticking with their publication plans up to #7 and beyond, since
> are the toughest to find, and they assured me they're in it for the
> long haul. :-)
> David

Are they planning to reprint the Grofield books also? As we have discussed a Parker and a Grofield book have the same first chapter and then diverge. Another Grofield book begins witth his recovering from being wounded when the two of them had attempted a robbery. Those interested probably can find the titles of these in the archives, or I'm sure Mark Sullivan will supply them. Mark

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