RARA-AVIS: Re: Parker as an Influence (was "Recent finds on opposite sides of the continent

From: jacquesdebierue ( jacquesdebierue@yahoo.com)
Date: 13 Apr 2008

--- In rara-avis-l@yahoogroups.com, Kevin Burton Smith <kvnsmith@...> wrote:
<<It's worth noting that the 70s/early 80s female private eye boom
(Muller, Grafton, Paretsky, Cody, Lippman, Dunant, etc.) occurred after Susan had become a regular. So you could blame Parker for that too....>>

But out of that entire lot you mention, there isn't one I would reread. I tried to reread a Grafton (her "C") recently and I regret to say that it read like kids' stuff, and also very dated. It surprised me because I had liked her first six or seven books in the series, and my memory was that "C" was one of the best. This time it was hard to get to the end. Last year I had a similar experience with Paretsky during a trip, though it was not as bad as with Grafton.

I am not sure what will endure out of that eighties explosion of the PI novel...



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