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Date: 09 Apr 2008

Actually, Richard, I DID need you to tell me about Suitable For Framing. I'll be sure to check it out.

At the time I saw Thunder Road, I didn't know who James Atlee Phillips was. Loved that movie. Great dialogue. Mitchum was classic.

Also interesting about James Atlee Phillips is his BROTHER, David Atlee Phillips (Atlee being a family name). Shawn claims that David, working for the CIA, was directly involved in the Bay of Pigs AND the Kennedy Assassination! The recent E. Howard Hunt audio tapes back up that claim.

Thanks, again, Richard.

---- Richard Moore <> wrote:
> Considering the deep pockets of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, there
> is no way they would have allowed another magazine to appear with a
> name so close to their keystone publication of Nation's Business. I
> had a friend who worked on the mag and myself back in the 1980s used
> to escort luminaries to their lavish offices to appear on their
> television programs.
> You probably don't need me to tell you this but in addition to the
> fascinating novels written by James Atlee Phillips under the name
> Phillip Atlee, I wholeheartedly recommend his 1949 novel SUITABLE FOR
> FRAMING published by Macmillan. My goodness, the opening scene with
> the Mexican wrestler in the arena is worth whatever price you pay for
> the novel! Anyone on this list who has not read this novel is
> missing a real treat.
> I also like his earlier novel THE CASE OF THE SHIVERING CHORUS GIRLS
> (1942)but caution that it is more in the vein of Nero Wolf than
> hardboiled.
> Finally, James Atlee Phillips belongs in my personal hall of fame for
> having written the screenplay to that wonderful drive-in
> favorite "Thunder Road" starring Robert Mitchum.
> Richard Moore

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