Re: RARA-AVIS: Re: James Atlee Phillips

Date: 08 Apr 2008

Richard Moore wrote:
> Two thoughts on finding that story. There is a magazine
> called "Nation's Business" that is published by the U.S. Chamber of
> Commerce. It didn't publish fiction when I used to see copies in the
> 1980s but that doesn't mean it didn't in the early 1950s. The U.S.
> Chamber is a huge operation in Washington, DC and I would be
> surprised if they didn't have a complete run of the magazine.
> Secondly, this is a real long shot but James Atlee Phillips' son
> Shawn Phillips was living in Austin, Texas the last I heard. Shawn
> achieved some renown as a musician and is still rocking at the age of
> 65 according to the website
> Richard Moore

Thanks for your reply, Richard.

My connection to James Atlee Phillips actually began with his son Shawn. My interest in Shawn Phillips lead me into reading the Joe Gall series that James Atlee Phillips penned under the name Philip Atlee.

I'm enjoying the series and now I'm looking for other James Atlee Phillips stories. Hence my interest in The Big Rig.

I googled "The Nation's Business" and found "Nation's Business" mag, by the U.S. Chamber of Commerce. I didn't figure they were the same...but now I think I'll pursue that line.

THANKS for the recommendation, Richard.



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