RARA-AVIS: Derringer shortlist (Short Mystery Fiction Society awards), courtesy Bill Crider

From: foxbrick ( foxbrick@yahoo.com)
Date: 02 Apr 2008

(For thos of you who might be interested who aren't also on ShortMystery:)

We are pleased to announce this year's Derringer Award nominees.

The nominees for Best Story 0 to 1000 words are:

--Keri Clark, "Saved" (Mysterical-E, Fall 2007)

--BV Lawson, "Dreaming of a Spite Christmas" (Mouth Full of Bullets, Winter 2007)

--Jillian Berg, "A Woman Scorned" (Mouth Full of Bullets, Autumn 2007)

--Keri Clark, "Your New Fan" (Mouth Full of Bullets, Winter 2007)

--Patricia Abbott, "My Hero" (D Z Allen's Muzzle Flash, 2007)

The nominees for Best Story 1001 to 4000 words are:

--Beverle Graves Myers, "Brimstone P.I." (Alfred Hitchcock Mystery Magazine, May 2007)

--Hugh Lessig, "We All Come From Splattertown" (Thuglit, Issue 17, July 2007)

--Rick Noetzel, "Joyride" (Shred of Evidence, Dec., 2007)

--Jack Hardway, "Handful of Stars" (Mouth Full of Bullets, Issue 5, Autumn 2007)

--John Weagly, "In the Shadows of Wrigley Field" (The Back Alley, Vol. I, Nov 2007)

--Camille LaGuire, "The Promise" (Future's Mysterious Anthology Magazine, March-April 2007)

The nominees for Best Story 4001 to 8000 words are:

--Twist Phalen, "A Trader's Lot" (Wall Street Noir, Akashic Books, June, 2007)

--John Schroeder, "Devil's Lake" (Futures Anthology Magazine, Jan/Feb 2007)

--Herschel Cozine, "A Private Hanging" (Mysterical-E, Summer, 2007)

--Kate Flora, "Mr. McGregor's Garden" (Still Waters, Level Best Books, 2007)

--Rosemary Harris, "Growing Up is For Losers" (Still Waters, Level Best Books, 2007)

--Richard Helms, "The Gospel According to Gordon Black" (The Thrilling Detective, Fall 2007)

The nominees for Best Story 8001 to 17,500 words are:

--Beverle Graves Myers, "The Bookworm's Demise"(Alfred Hitchcock Mystery Magazine, Dec. 2007)

--Eric Shane, "Paper Walls / Glass Houses" (The Back Alley Vol.1, June 2007)

--John Burdett, "The Enlightenment of Magnus McKay" (Wall Street Noir, June 2007)

--Mike Wiecek, "Wasting Assets" (Alfred Hitchcock Sept., 2007)

--Clifford Royal Johns, "Forget Me Not" (Mysterical-E, Fall 2007)

Congratulations to the nominees -- way to go!

Joyce Holland, 2008 Derringer Awards Coordinator Molly MacRae, SMFS Vice President Stephen Johnston, SMFS President

PS. (In cases of a tie for fifth place, both stories were included in the selction of finalists.)

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