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Date: 31 Mar 2008

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> I had written two novels that were never published -- never even
> sent out for consideration. These were private detective novels and in these
> I think I went
> through that process in which the protagonist was an idealized version of
> me. These were
> learning experiences but not good enough to be published. I put them away
> for good.

I strongly suspect that there are elements in those stories, the very root of what made you write about them, that you could revisit now with your advanced skillset and publishing clout. I had an experience somewhat like that

I'm a screenwriter, not a novelist, but I've always loved crime fiction and detective stories in all forms of media. back in 82 I thought I'd take a crack at a first person, L.A. private eye type of story. the protagonist was a young law student in love with a girl he grew up with, who of course is trouble. I hadn't the slightest idea how to write a mystery back then and it showed in the plotting. but there was an emotional core in it that a producer friend of mine responded to and he constantly encouraged me to rewrite it. years, hell, DECADES later I did. the project still has the same emotional core only more fully realized and is as labyrinthian as a mouse maze. it has more heart in it than any of the cold, glib or manipulative work I had done prior and made me a better writer for it. a fine director is attached to it and we're closing in on independant financing

of course, this being Hollywood, the land of compromise where every gain comes at great cost, financial realities will probably force us to take the story out of Los Angeles and set it someplace else. and all I wanted to do way back then was to write an L.A. detective story

anyway, getting back on point. I'm pretty sure you could find the kernel in those stories, do them again now and they would kick ass bigtime

John Lau

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