RARA-AVIS: Re: The Lincoln Lawyer

From: demack5@comcast.net
Date: 31 Mar 2008

I just wanted to add my praise to the others that have been given to this book. As one who used to practice law, I generally avoid legal thrillers and anything involving extensive courtroom scenes. However, THE LINCOLN LAWYER is an exceptional book in every way. It really captures what it's like to practice law, the courthouse ambiance, the ethical dilemmas and the mindset of the kind of person who becomes a criminal defense lawyer. A real tour de force.

One of the few things I disliked about the show "The Wire" was how relentlessly, almost cartoon-ishly, sleazy the defense attorney on that show was. THE LINCOLN LAWYER had a protagonist who may have been flawed, but had genuine empathy for the underdog and was motivated by the desire to keep the system accountable. It's the latter attitude that I've seen in most criminal defense attorneys.

Thanks, Michael, for doing such a great job on this one. Criminal defense attorneys rarely come off looking so human.


Debbi Mack
A Sam McRae Mystery

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