RARA-AVIS: Re: Harry Bosch thru other's eyes

From: michaelconnelly187 ( michaelconnelly187@yahoo.com)
Date: 31 Mar 2008

There you go. If Mankell has done it, so could I. I think the timing is off though. I think I would have to stretch Harry out another 10 years for that to work. Maybe.

--- In rara-avis-l@yahoogroups.com, JIM DOHERTY <jimdohertyjr@...> wrote:
> Michael,
> Re your comment below:
> "I don't know how it will end but I know it will end
> sooner rather than later. LAPD doesn't have a
> mandatory retirement age -- Jidgsaw john was a famed
> detective there into his 60s -- but I've always wanted
> the hallmark to the series to be a certain accuracy."
> Actually, IIRC, John St. John was still an active
> detective in RHD well into his 70's. So you could
> keep Harry there for awhile, particularly if you
> slowed down the aging process just a tad. Maybe take
> three years to advance the character a year.
> Still, having the daughter fall in her dad's footsteps
> (actually both her parents; wasn't her mom a federal
> cop before her fall from grace?) is an interesting
> idea. Henning Mankell, over in Sweden, has done that,
> having his main character's daughter join the police
> force and take over the series after her father's
> retirement.
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