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From: Eric Chambers ( nqexile@yahoo.com.au)
Date: 30 Mar 2008

Patrick King" abrasax93@yahoo.com wrote,

> The 1970s remake of THE BIG SLEEP is even worth
> watching for Mitchum's
> performance alone. There's a lot wrong with the
> movie (setting it in
> the UK in the 70s, for a start), but at least they
> had a good Marlowe.
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 I would go so far as to say it's ONLY worth watching
 for Mitchum's performance. And even that's too little
 too late. Had they made it in 1949 in Hollywood it
 might have been a good movie.
_______________ Mitchum's performance is hughly disappointing. Yes, he has what it takes to make a good Marlowe, but in this one he is at least 15 years too old. The dynamics between him and the female leads don't work. and a Marlowe wearing Saville Row bright blue and silver suits and driving a Mercedes? I don't think so. Its worth seeing because its fairly faithful to the original book, (you even hear some of the original dialogue) but Mitchum's delivery is flat. None of the one-liners work. He clearly sleepwalks it in. This film is a textbook example of the fact that a film needs an intternal spark. Just having a faithful script is not enough. The only performance in it of interest is that of Oliver Reed, who was in his prime. Now, He would have made an interesting Marlowe. Speaking of Actors, I would have expected, in a forum dedicated to Noir amoung other things, that more would have been made of Richard Widmark's passing.

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