RE : RARA-AVIS: April is Month of the Disappeared - Ned Crabb

From: E. Borgers (
Date: 29 Mar 2008

That's a great idea for the coming month…!
  I would suggest a "hall of fame" for this kind of authors, wherein the absolute nb 1 would be Ned Crabb. A one shot author with a novel that became a kind of cult book:
  Dark humor, noir and macabre settings, mystery pastiche and some irony, parody of "bayou novels", made this book a success at the time.
  The story took place in remote parts of Florida and is borderline to surreal tale. And should not be forgotten...
  Nobody knows if Crabb wrote more, and when I succeeded in contacting him (end of the nineties, and by fax!) he suddenly stopped answering when I confirmed that I was not from Florida, or writing about Florida.
  Does some Avians know more about the writer, and possible other books ?
  Apparently nothing much was known about this author when speaking about his activity as a novelist.
  The only thing sure is that he was and still is an editor for the Wall Street Journal, dept of …readers's mail.

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