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Date: 28 Mar 2008

Sounds like an excerpt from OUR GOVERNMENT, but I'm guessing.

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Hello List,

I stumbled upon this list, searched the archives and decided to join, because I hope somebody here can answer my question.

I am a political scientist from Berlin trying to revive my long ( too long?) dormant PhD about the policies of homelessness in Berlin and Los Angeles.

Back on research trips to Los Angeles I found an article by James M. Cain from 1933 when he apparrently just moved to California.

I just cannot find the Title of that article or the magazine in my files (bad housekeeping indeed, I am moving all my referneces to bibtex now, but ....)

The only hint I can offer is the following quote on page 279 about the Chamber of Commerce in LA:
"It is a sort of government outside the government, bearing about the same relation to the body politic as the Communist Party does in Russia"

That is a nice one ;-)

I also have a note, that he praises cheap food in California and did not seem to be aware (or much concerned) of the looming Depression, other than that - nada, zilch, niente

If anybody here can point me into the right direction to locate that reference, I would be most thankful.

Thanks for your attention
/ Jens

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